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JUMP FORCE NEW Beta Schedule Confirmed By Bandai Namco! Begins January 28th
jump force beta start time end time and dates jump force beta start time end time and dates learn about the specific dates start times and end times for each of the jump force open beta trials jump force open beta test dates times and characters the jump force open beta test is only active for three more sessions each one lasts five hours from their respective starting times below is a list of each five hour session showing their dates jump force closed beta begins today here is the schedule jump force is seeing the start of its closed beta test today for the first time ever fans will be able to some practice time in with bandai namco s up ing anime manga series crossover jump force beta times twingalaxies anime based jump force is ting a closed beta ing on october 12 but the beta times and dates have been altered slightly since originally announced a majority of the jump force beta times changed according to a recent twitter and post from bandai namco which removed october 14 from the list and changed the times for the other days all jump force beta times are in pacific time how to download the jump force beta & release time merch l help me better equipment mixer
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