Hello Clitoris. Did you know the clitoris is the only organ in the human body whose only purpose is pleasure? This part of the genitals may look small, but it can give lots of sensation.

The clitoris has a varied history, often reviled, erased and considered to be a source of sin. And then we learned how big it really was. This amusing music video gives a potted history of the clitoris, complete with witty diagrams, impressive sets and a human clitoris costume.

"Peaches" is a seminal punk rock song and single by The Stranglers. The track peaked at No. 8 in the UK Singles Chart. Song information "Peaches" was controversial because of its anarchist, non-conformist, ".ual" content, primarily aimed at shaking up the establishment and poking the eye of the new politically correct punk movement.

"Sin" is the third single by American artist Nine Inch Nails from the album Pretty Hate Machine. Released in October 1990, the song peaked at number 35 in the UK Singles Chart.

Press play on the “pink button” and discover seven surprising facts about the clitoris — from being the equivalent of a to its wishbone-like shape — to become a female genitalia genius.