Decca Records is a British record label established in 1929 by Edward Lewis. Its U.S. label was established in late 1934 by Lewis, along with American Decca‘s first president Jack Kapp and later American Decca president Milton Rackmil.

Please note that we have been made aware of individuals who give the false impression they are affiliated with Decca Records and ask for money from artists to submit music on their behalf or for other label services including marketing and publishing.

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The Decca Navigator System consisted of a number of land-based radio beacons organised into chains. Each chain consisted of a master station and three (occasionally two) secondary stations, termed Red, Green and Purple.

Teldec Schallplatten GmbH war ein Tochterunternehmen des AEG-Konzerns und zählte jahrzehntelang zu den größten und traditionsreichsten deutschen Schallplattenherstellern. … Schellackplatte von Decca (1953) in einer Firmen-Lochhülle

Decca Records is een Brits platenlabel, opgericht in 1929 door Edward Lewis. Het Amerikaanse label ontstond eind 1934. Later werd de link met het Britse bedrijf verbroken voor een aantal decennia.