since 1973 dr feelgood always offer 100% of the finest british rhythm’n’blues to make you/us feel good. to survive the times when you eat your heart out

Reviews for Dr. Feelgood have been mostly positive. Critics remarked the renewed energy and entertaining values that permeate the album, bringing the listeners "in a world of everlasting party", where they "savored the joys of trashy, unapologetically decadent fun".

Dr. Feelgood est un groupe de pub rock britannique, originaire de Canvey Island, en Angleterre. Il est essentiellement articulé autour du chanteur et harmoniciste Lee Brilleaux (Lee Green Collinson, 10 mai 1952-7 avril 1994) et du guitariste Wilko Johnson (né le 12 juillet 1947).

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16.04.2011 · This is the debut song for our first group in Asia. Love these girls. This version of the video is labeled such because this is the version we like, and it best fits the song.