Il placebo è una terapia o una sostanza prive di principi attivi specifici, ma che sono somministrate come se avessero veramente proprietà curative o farmacologiche.

Placebo celebrate an incredible 20 years with the release of a must have retrospective album ‘A Place For Us To Dream – 20 Years Of Placebo.’

Placebo are an alternative rock band, formed in London, England, in 1994 by singer-guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal. The band were soon joined by drummer Robert Schultzberg, who left in 1996 due to conflicts with Molko and was replaced the same year by Steve Hewitt.

История. Placebo была сформирована в 1994 году двумя музыкантами Брайаном Молко и Стефаном Ольсдалем, которые для работы над первыми демозаписями пригласили барабанщика Стива Хьюитта, но так …

Biografie Oprichting en Placebo. Placebo werd in 1994 opgericht in Londen, maar heeft zijn wortels in het Groothertogdom Luxemburg, waar zanger/gitarist Brian Molko en gitarist/bassist Stefan Olsdal op een internationale kostschool zaten.

A placebo (/ p l ə ˈ s iː b oʊ / plə-SEE-boh) is a substance or treatment of no intended the.utic value. Common placebos include inert tablets (like sugar pills), inert injections (like saline), sham surgery, and other procedures.

Placebo est un groupe de rock alternatif britannique, originaire de Londres, en Angleterre. Il est formé en 1994 par Brian Molko et Stefan Olsdal, qui sont d’abord accompagnés par Robert Schultzberg jusqu’en 1996, puis Steve Hewitt jusqu’en 2007, et Steve Forrest jusque début 2015.