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"True Scotsman" is a humorous term used in Scotland for a man wearing a kilt without undergarments. Though the tradition originated in the military, it has entered Scottish lore as a rite, an expression of light-hearted curiosity about the custom, and even as a subversive gesture.

I first heard this song sung by Bryan Bowers…an autoharpist. It’s a popular tune for morning radio programs, and it’s popularity has spread incredibly over the past thirty years from Dr. Demento to Renaissance festivals. Yes, every Scotsman has heard the song…and is probably sick of it! But I still love the song, and performing it is even …

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Groundskeeper Willie‘s first appearance was in the season two episode "Principal Charming", first broadcast on February 14, 1991. Originally, the character was written as simply being an angry janitor; his Scottish accent was added during a recording session.